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I contributed several pieces to the World Nomads 'Mexico Nomads' Travel Guide, which you can download here

Climate and Weather: Planning your trip to Mexico (World Nomads, 2019)

Underrated Mexico: Zacatecas (World Nomads, 2019)

Mexican Festivals: The Night Nobody Sleeps and Fiestas de Octubre (World Nomads, 2019)

4 Ways to Explore the Charismatic Chaos of Mexico City (World Nomads, 2019)

The night when nobody sleeps in Tlaxcala, Mexico (CNN, 2018)

The Best Way to Say Cheese in the Andes (OZY, 2018)

A Piece of Britain Lost in Mexico (BBC Travel, 2018)

This Mexican Archaeological Site Has Been Underexplored for too Long (Fodor’s 2018)

Mexico’s Most Surreal Destination is a Magical Town in the Jungle (Fodor’s, 2017)